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Format for submitting Ban Appeals

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Format for submitting Ban Appeals

Post by Coolarctic1 on Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:53 pm

Greetings staff and students of ADA here members will be able to submit ban appeals for forum bans and chatbox bans. A few guidelines must be followed before submitting a proper ban appeal, once submitted each appeal will be viewed by a moderator and if needed an admin. Follow these guidelines exactly to avoid further confusion and to make sure that the appeal is relayed exactly as is.

1. When were you banned?
(Simply give a brief description on what day/time you were banned.)

2. What situation resulted in your profile being banned?
(Again a description/recollection of the events leading up to a moderator/admin banning you.)

3. How long have you banned for?
(If you have been banned longer then the initial amount please contact administration.)

4. Reasons for Ban being unfair or showing any signs of abuse?
(If a staff member is showing any member or you disrespect please make sure to note this.)

5. Best way to get in contact?
(Skype, Dn, Forum, etc.)

Make sure to fill in all the necessary fields the more evidence provided the better the chance your ban appeal will be taken up with the administration team and myself. Note if you have no answer for a question you may leave it blank, although doing so won't provide us with to much info so please leave as much info as possible.
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