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Welcome to Angelic Duel Academy Smile Before you sign up make sure you read the rules below! and we hope you enjoy your visit and will stay an active member of the community!!!
#1 Do Not Spam: the following is considered as SPAM;
-Posting Messages which contain under 10 words, down to the moderators discretion.
-Posting Messages which have nothing to do with the topic.
-Double Posting. Bumping your own topic after 6 hours have passed is an exception to this rule.

#2 Show Respect ALL Members

#3 Follow Staff instructions, unless deemed unreasonable then contact an admin.

#4 We aren't responsible 4 offenses committed outside the Academy or the ChatBox. (However may take action)

#5 Advertising is Prohibited unless deemed OK by an Admin

#6 Creating more than 1 account is prohibited.

#7 Copyright: You may not;
-Creating a user account that imitates an Admin or staff's username

#8 Chatbox Rules; You May Not:
-Posting illegal or sexually explicit content
-Harassing other members
-Spamming in the chatbox (This includes Caps as well.
-Advertising other sites without permission from an admin.

Thank You,
ADA Staff Team
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